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Latest reviews for Creative Picture Framing, LLC 5/5.0 stars (3 reviews)

The Wardens did a beautiful job of framing my degree. The price was as good or better than what I could get in one of the craft stores, with much better quality: acid free paper and mat, thicker glass. I will definitely use them again, and highly recommend them.
I used to be a professional photographer. I had many many items framed here. I also recommended ALL of my customers to them for the photographs I did for them. I believe they could frame anything in the world, and you would know it was done right. Many thanks to John and Judy for all the years they've worked with us.
I have used Creative Frame and Trophy for years. 1st while I was with the booster club at Appalachian High School. They were always ready to help us with special plaques, sports trophies or whatever our need was.
They have done our 5K medals for Blount County Sav-A-Life the last few years and always make things easy and are always helpful. Than you for the hard work.

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